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雅思寫作範文整理:International cooperation

來源:中華網考試  更新時間:2013年3月4日    免費做題 雅思網校
   There is no doubt that international cooperation, from private enterprisesto governments, has become increasingly prevalent (= more popular these years). It is on account of growingly global economy, and it is beneficial for almost every country in the world.
  People firmly believe that the international cooperation is good for environment protection. It is well awarethat every country has its unique way to protect environment. For example, the Dutch do well in disposing of wastes. They point out that if their advanced technology can be introduced into the developing countries that are hardly to invent such good technology, not only some countries or groups but also all of the people living on the earth will benefit a lot. Of course, the countries that have invented these technologies will have to suffer from the damage in economy more or less.
  On the other hand, the view taken by other people is that the main 轉自:考試網 - [Examw.Com]advantage of internationalcooperation is in terms of business. It is true that the imports have been sold everywhere in my country. To illustrate, a modern car often consistsof different components from various countries. In the meanwhile, some necessary goods are always imported from other countries. However, the competition between local businesses and exoticones is going more intense.
  In my opinion, the meritsof international cooperation are in both environment and the business. Also, people ought to make the best use of international cooperation to solvethe serious worldwide problems such as global warming.

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